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Home Automation

Lighting & Shades

Home Theater, Multi Room

Audio, and More..

We are committed to providing a five-star experience, every time. Technology in your home should be sleek, smart, and simple to use. Our team of highly trained technicians will install the perfect system for you, from simple television wall mounts to complete home automation systems.


Home Theater Systems

We design and install or repair any home theater system. From entry level systems to completely custom home cinemas, we use top-shelf electronics along with professional installation methods to ensure that your theater system displays crystal clear picture and produces rich surround sound, all in a configuration that is easy to use.

We take your home theater installation from a regular TV to a fully-immersive and emotional experience that captivates you and takes you on an adventure right from the comfort of your home.

Networking & Wifi Optimization

Internet connection is the backbone of today’s electronics in the home. Without a strong internet connection, many of your smart devices won’t work reliably. One router typically is not enough to cover every part of your home.

A good internet connection goes beyond having your service provider connect your home. We use the best in network technology to provide reliable and fast internet connection to Smart TVs, tablets, phones, computers, smart home Wifi connected devices, surveillance systems, home security, and more.

Have us optimize the network in your home and say goodbye to buffering, interruption and connection issues.

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Low-Voltage Structured Wiring

So much technology brings a great amount of wiring infrastructure. Whether it be new construction pre-wiring or remodel wiring, we have the knowledge and experience required to equip your home with the correct wiring system.

Wiring a home can be an ugly mess, but the correct wire configuration is crucial for the proper operation of electronics. We pride ourselves in being experts at wire management and concealment. We believe technology should be an aesthetic upgrade to the home and not an eyesore.

Whole Home Audio

Whole home audio has evolved tremendously in recent years, and we are at the forefront of the innovative technologies that allow you to experience full-spectrum music in every corner of your home.

We believe that music listening should be controlled easily, and from any location in your home. We pride ourselves in supplying industry-leading and proven electronics to give you the best music listening experience possible at home.

Electronics Installation

From streaming devices to whole-home audio and smart home devices, we are experienced with a wide range of electronics.

It is one thing to simply connect a device to a system, but another to have it integrated into your home network. Whether it’s a device that you currently own or one that we provide you, we will handle your electronics installation start to finish.