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About Us


TEK-IT is a custom electronics sales and installation company dedicated to doing things the right way.

Our company’s highest priority is to create custom systems that provide a positive customer experience on a daily basis.

Because our home audio, video, lighting, shading and control systems are used multiple times every day, the technology company you choose has the ability to continually create either major enjoyment and satisfaction, or adversely create major frustration and disappointment for you as an end user.

This is precisely why our number one focus is high quality and why our dedication to it is unshakable.

When it comes to technology there is an overwhelming variety of options to choose from. We understand that this can be very confusing, even frustrating for a customer looking for the right solution. At TEK-IT we continually invest heavily in educating our team so that we know the difference between high quality electronics that can be trusted vs. cheap electronics that almost never do the job. We simply refuse to sell and install low quality solutions that we know will bring dissatisfaction to our customers. This level of integrity to quality has unfortunately lost us the opportunity to serve some people. It has also earned us the trust of those people who have the mind to do it right the first time. These people typically become long term customers and friends.

Another of our highest priorities is the overall execution of the sales, installation, and service processes. We believe that being professional, friendly, reliable and honest with our customers is the only way to do business. When we make promises, we deliver. It is a very serious goal of ours to have an extremely clean reputation. We know that that can only be achieved by serving each and every customer with the highest level of care. We believe that these values make all the difference.

Charles Canfield, President/CEO

Defining the Tek-It Experience


We start by giving you a cost-free evaluation. This evaluation is usually done at your home so we can get a fully detailed scope of the work. This helps us create more accurate cost estimates and understand your needs exactly.

We then put together your proposed estimate. We typically have it delivered within 24 hours of the evaluation.

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we collect a 50% deposit and proceed to schedule your installation. At TEK-IT, we believe in being effective; installations generally take place 1-2 weeks after acceptance of a proposal, often times much sooner.

Once the installation has been performed, we are always there for our customers. We offer a 1 year limited manufacture warranty on electronics provided by TEK-IT and we guarantee our installations. We also offer extended maintenance plans to ensure long term proactive care of our customers’ systems.

What to Expect

We at TEK-IT are all about serving beyond our customers’ expectations and will do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction. We believe in 3 basic principles of good business. We apply these principles with every one of our valued customers.


Answer the phone, be there for the customer, and respond in a timely manner.


We deliver on our promises. We do what we say we will including: billing honestly and fairly, keeping appointments, and carrying out the full scope of work promised.


We show up on time or give adequate notice of scheduling conflicts. We find solutions, in rare instances, when expectations have not been met.

These three basic principles are of the highest importance and sets us apart from our competition.

Bring Your Home Into The 21st Century

No more wifi dead spots. No more ugly cables. No more confusion. Let our technicians bring your home technology into harmony.

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