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Nothing finishes up a beautiful new home like a great sound system to enjoy while unpacking all those boxes and moving in! These customers wanted a clean surround sound system installed in the great room that packed some punch to be able to watch movies in style and a TV mounted on the tile above their fireplace. We installed a 7.2 surround sound system with in-wall front speakers, in-ceiling surround speakers, and dual in-wall sub-woofers. We had to cut the center speaker into the tile after the fact and paint match the color of the speaker grill to blend in. We cut a 14″ back box into the tile behind the television to achieve the closest mount to the tile possible. This surround sound system doubles as a movie-watching space and as a music-listening sound system to provide excellent sound while in the kitchen and great room and is conveniently controlled by a universal remote or by your cell phone.


There is always more to consider when planning the technology in a home when you want it to work and look perfectly like this system. There are cable boxes, DVD players, amplifiers, network equipment, stream boxes, media players, system controllers, and on and on. Electronics can be very messy and clutter-some items. The best way to deal with all of that is to neatly install all electronics in a dedicated equipment cabinet and slide it away into a closet or equipment room somewhere. We are absolutely obsessive regarding the cleanliness and order of our equipment racks and you’ll love how they turn out. We want you to smile whenever you see it neatly hiding in the closet.


Additionally, we installed outdoor-rated speakers on the patio which are completely controlled by cell phones, voice control,  or other network-connected devices such as tablets and computers. We use only high-quality speakers and audio products to ensure that your system will sound impressive and stand the test of time.




What our customers are saying

My experience with Tek-It was awesome in every way. We have a four-bedroom house and in all bedrooms, they installed wall mounted TV's, amplifiers, in-ceiling speakers, concealed all the amps, and cable boxes. It is a very flush and modern installation. They did a great job through all 4 bedrooms crawling through about a foot of attic space putting in additional wiring and speakers. In the living room, they installed 5 speakers, TV, surround receiver, and all the equipment and again everything lined up perfectly. It looks like it was installed prior to the house being boarded up. They even ran speakers to our pool. Overall it was really quite something and I highly recommend Tek-It's work!


Great job, They listen to what you want and revise it to what you need. Excellent to work with and clean up afterward. Strongly recommend!

Sue Kenaston

Tek-It rewired my office and set up my internet equipment. I am very happy with the results! These guys are absolutely exceptional and by far the best I have ever met. I highly recommend all of their services!

Shawn Robinson

Charles did an amazing job mounting three TVs in our home. He arrived on time and answered all my questions about set up and installation. He was very friendly, professional and informative, easing my mind about position and TV height. His work was very clean; all cables are completely hidden. I couldn't have been happier with the service and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Ann Dato

Fabulous experience!!!! We didn't understand what equipment we needed. We benefited both from Charles' expertise and he expanded our initial plans-- but also set nice reasonable limits and didn't get carried away. We ended up with the perfect solution for our family!! I highly recommend Tek-It!!

Dana Dean Doering

These guys are phenomenal. Excellent job, reasonably priced, they clean up when they’re done, and they know what they’re doing. We had a TV mounted, in addition our whole house had been wired with speakers and amplifier. Charles gave some recommendations that were low pressure and top-notch. Installed a couple Sonos players and the system works beautifully. If you are considering any electronics/ Smarthouse go here first, they are very reasonably priced, even if the bid is a little more it’s well worth what you get. I Would give Tek-It the highest recommendation.,

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